The Alexander Technique

Where is the wisdom that we lost in knowledge?

Where is the knowledge that we lost in information?

T.S Eliot, Chorus from The Rock 

My reason for creating this website is to remember our roots, where the Alexander Technique came from, how it was developed and how it is vitally important not to lose all that F.M. Alexander taught us.

F.M. Alexander working with one of his students

His technique was developed practically over a number of years in which he formulated certain principles to do with the creation of habit patterns, discovering that unconscious – or subconscious habits lead to the creation of a faulty sensory appreciation of what we perceive. 

They are linked with a universal desire to gain one’s end directly without paying proper attention to the means whereby it is possible to reach any goal.  

Practising the Technique teaches us to inhibit our immediate response to a stimulus in order to give time and space to send the guiding orders for the release of undue muscular tension,  using less effort for an optimum result.  

My Teaching of the Technique

Very simply, my approach to teaching is to identify some of the more obvious patterns of misuse in my students which can create discomfort, pain and dis-ease.   People can then choose whether they wish to continue with these habits or whether we can help to find different possibilities of action and reaction. 

Over the years, a more consciously reasoned approach to life is restored while certain habitual patterns of behaviour can be minimised.  To do this I use my words to explain the principles and my hands to illumine the practical meaning of the words, as together we find many diverse ways of exploring the principles in the actions of our daily life. 

I ask my students to be fully present while they think their way into a new way of being as I use my hands to prevent old patterns of misuse. Alexander described his Technique as being the Primary Control of the Use of the Self, and so it is.